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Capitol Letter Lock out program CAPS Lockout program.exe
Screen e-mails before the are downloaded. MailWasher.exe
Post it notes for desk top postit notes.exe
Remove hidden data from Word programs remove hidden datatool.exe
 Adobe Reader 7.0 - View and Print PDF files
 Belarc Advisor - Free System Information Tool
 CCleaner - Cleans Temporary Internet Files and then some ...
 COX Internet Security Suite - Free COX Internet Security Software
 Cyber Defender - Free download for computer protection
 Flash Viewer - Interactive Flash Animation Player
 Google Toolbar - Add-on for Internet Explorer with Pop-Up Blocker
 Mail Washer - Nice program for screening and blacklisting e-mails before they get to your e-mail program.
 Microsoft Anti-Spyware - Microsoft's Own Spyware Removal Tool
 Microsoft Update - Microsoft's Malicious Software Removal Tool
 Microsoft Remote Desktop Client - MS Remote Desktop Connection
 Microsoft Word Document Viewer - Opens ".doc" files without needing Office
 Microsoft Excel Document Viewer - Opens ".xls" files without needing Office
 Microsoft Powerpoint Document Viewer - Opens PowerPoint Presentations
 Microsoft Windows Defender - Microsoft Windows Defender
 MSN Toolbar - Microsoft MSN Toolbar
 Mozilla Firefox 2.0 - Free Web Browser (Blocks Pop-Ups and prevents Spyware)
 Mozilla Thunderbird - Free Email By the makers of Firefox
 Picassa 2 - Free Graphics Program
 PasswordSafe - Store your user name and passwords.
 Shockwave Viewer 10 - Views Shockwave animations on the web
 Spybot Search & Destroy 1.4 - Free Spyware Removal Tool
 Spyware Blaster 3.5.1 - Free Spyware Removal Tool
 WinPatrol 10 - Free Firewall & Windows Monitoring Program
 WinZip 10.0 - Free Trial WinZip File Compression Program
 ZoneAlarm - Zone Labs free Firewall Program

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I just want to have a site where you can view some videos and power point presentations and; 



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